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Old 07-04-2013, 03:47 AM
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Default New Here, Literally

Hello everyone!
I've been looking around in this forum for a little while, reading and researching because I believe that is the life I'm about to enter.

I've fallen in love with a happily married man, and he with me. His wife is totally accepting of me, but will add there has been no sexual contact between the man and me, we're remaining respectful in that manner to their vows. It's very much about LOVE with us all. Just by merely knowing each other and hanging around each other, all of us are becoming better human beings by either giving up terrible vices, better focused on family, losing weight, etc. It's an amazing dynamic that has happened to all of us by being close to each other.

I'm becoming part of their family more and more. Yet, still keep distance in the physical area. However, the wife is now entertaining the idea of allowing me to join them, nothing allowed without her there, though. I am not bi. Neither is the wife. Is this normal? There have been many discussions about getting together physically, even to the point that the wife and I are exploring the ideas of enjoying each other, as well as him.

Another aspect is that I'm soley dedicated to the husband. I am not dating outside this relationship.

I'm enjoying reading this forum. It helps knowing that this type of life exists, first of all, but also works!! We've all talked about the respect and honesty that something like this requires, yet we all are NEW to this.

Any and all advice is welcomed!!
Thank you!!
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