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Old 07-03-2013, 05:39 PM
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Default (revised sorry!) 3 years now, going nowhere, frustrated..dead end

Hello, 3 years now since I have tried to change my 8 years relationship.

I am here today, completely confused and lost about if poly is even possible.

My main interest in poly is diversifying my sexual experience.
Some said it was not the right way to go about this and the relationship should be on a higher level.

Therefore I have tried making vanilla opposite sex friends before engaging too seriously but am now giving up.
Most girls don't really wants to be friends with a guy already into a LTR and therefore loses interest quickly I feel.

Even hinting at a chance of opening my couple to them later, I believe decent women would rather go with adultery instead of dealing with an open couple.
The only girls In have met willing to perhaps cope with this are too trashy or party animals for my GF's taste, and that I can understand.

My GF is also giving me mixed signals about the whole idea, saying that if I ever stumble upon someone I find interesting, she is willing to consider including her yet I am frowned upon at being "too" proactive in meeting people (ex: facebook) . She also insists on being there for the first meeting if I ever meet someone when she is not there.

She says she is OK in opening up the couple but I feel she is not really since there are many roadblocks.
Also I feel there are too few women interested in joining and becoming 3rd wheel.

My sex life slowing down now since I am really in need of changes but I am feeling trapped.
I don't want to lose my existing GF (that I love) but I need change and it doesn't happen!!


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