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Old 06-30-2013, 09:23 AM
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Default Time.

I've been reading posts where folks i know keep bringing new partners into their lives, great connections, NE, mutual interests, or just plain curiosity.

I don't doubt the emotional honesty of these new relationships but I do know the cost you will pay. Time.

Time with those already in your life. No way around it. Every new partner or relation takes time and the question to ask is where is it coming from, or from who am i taking it from?

Are you willing to give up time with those you already love? because that's exactly what it will take to create a new bond with another person in your life.

If the answer is yes, yes i am, than I question the commitments already in place. If I'm willing to do so with or without agreement to keep adding to the list, than i have to ask what the fuck is this really all about.

There is only one thing in this lifetime i have to give to another person, regardless of it's form, sex, friendship, or love and that's time with that person. That's it, time.

Time is how we show we love someone, not how we tell them. it's the gift of true honest love. And that time spent together is a precious and rare gift,

Don't fuck up what you already have, because one day you may find yourself with all the time in the world because you have no one left to share it with. Get it?

I'll add more as i clear my thoughts on this topic, but I can assure you that unless you're ready to live alone, you'd best give time to those who already love and care for you. They've earned it by being there for you, good times and bad. Don't dishonor the gift they've given willingly. Time.

Clay (Hardcase013)
Freetime. All the time. Every time.

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