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Old 06-27-2013, 11:20 AM
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Default Greetings from a newbie

Hello there, poly people!

I'm a 26yo male from Texas who ended up in Massachusetts for work. I have a wonderful 29y/o bisexual wife who's a native Bay Stater. We've been discussing poly for about three-five months when it came to light that she and her female best friend of three years had fallen in love (and had been repressing it for 2.5 years, but I figured it out long before they did), and I surprised myself by being willing to talk about poly (I tend to get ahold of a topic and research it thoroughly) and in doing so began slowly conquering my own jealous tendencies, woo.

So at the moment I guess things are kinda like a V, lol. So now everything is out in the open, which is the best thing about poly to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not all sunshine and rainbows and I'm doing a lot of mental processing all the time, but I'm getting more and more comfortable as time goes on

Recently, we invited the best friend to come stay with us as she tries to get back into school for the foreseeable future and she happily accepted.

So here we are trying to figure out things as comfortably as possible for the three of us and if nothing else appreciate the emotional honesty that poly brings.

And aren't snakes adorable?

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