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Old 06-16-2013, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by aurora View Post
Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if there are any more experienced poly's in south east melbourne who want to show a newbie the ropes of being a poly and how to make it work?

Looking for anyone who wants to help a newbie to this world explore herself and her sexuality, girls or boys, message me to talk more.

Happy with just a conversation, chat or maybe more....?

I believe PolyVic in Melbourne is still going. They have a once per month discussion group and monthly social get-together.

Me: bi poly female in W relationship. I'm one of the hinges.
Lad: bi poly guy, the other hinge of the W. We share a house, but not a bedroom. Long-term relationship.
Mr Smiles: Gay / homoflexible guy, end of W, partnered to Lad. Long-term relationship.
Muffin: Straight guy. The other end of the W. We've been dating about 18 months.
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Old 11-07-2013, 12:33 PM
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Default PolyVic

Originally Posted by Simone View Post
I believe PolyVic in Melbourne is still going. They have a once per month discussion group and monthly social get-together.

Yes- still going, but I am yet to get free time to attend one of their events!
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Old 02-15-2015, 12:57 AM
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Default Melbourne/Vic Doco Maker - seeking advice!

I'm researching for my own, independent documentary - aimed at an Australian ABC2 audience. I'm wanting to speak to people to deepen my own understanding of how various alternative/non-monogamous relationships work. I think this is a story worth telling to build on the limited mainstream dialogue about non-traditional relationships.

This is a non-commercial project, stemming from my own uncertainty and confusion about monogamy (despite being in a happy monogamous relationship.) I feel that despite many positive social changes that impact marriage and relationships (increasing secularism as well as gradual progress in gender equality/shared parenting), mainstream attitudes towards marriage have lagged. On the whole, as a society and in our own personal relationships we still expect potentially unrealistic things of ourselves and our partners.

I know many people who are in loving relationships but continue to develop feelings for other people. I know many others who cheat and more still who bury it all and live their life feeling like they're missing something. I'm not saying that monogamy doesn't work - my parents are still together in the 100% dream monogamous relationship - I'm just questioning how honest we're being with ourselves when we enter in to these relationships. I think it's important to recognise and talk about the fact that monogamy is not easy and is in fact a conscious choice that takes work. How much pain, angst and guilt could be spared if we could find a different way to talk about, think about and function in our relationships?

I want this documentary to get people talking about these issues. This is a documentary that is in part about sexuality (because that's important), but is more about relationships and the way we view them as individuals and as a society.

I'd love to hear from you if you are:
* monogamous but curious about other types of relationships
* trying to be monogamous but struggling with infidelity * in a poly/non-traditional/non-mono relationship
* as confused about the whole situation as me

To give you a better idea of the trajectory of the documentary, I also plan to speak to: Sociologists, Anthropologists, writers, sex/relationship experts... anyone else who can shed some light on the origins of our sexuality, modern relationships and where we might be headed.

Please get in touch if you want to chat to me more about the project, or if you have any advice/ideas for me. I'd love to come to a local meetup, but would prefer to meet some people here first as I don't want to intrude.
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