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Old 01-25-2010, 06:36 PM
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Default Finally figured it out....

I'm new to practicing poly, but not new to being poly. I figured out many many years ago that I was poly. It is a long story on how I got there, but basically, after many many years of serial monogamy and cheating and affairs and breaking up....I figured out that it was me that was broken, it was the system. The system that tries to restrict feelings and emotions that cannot be contained.

I started writing out my whole story and while I am confident in myself and my decisions in my relationship, I don't want to drag out my whole story till I get a feel for the place. It's a self preservation thing.

Anyway, my second soul mate, the man i accidentally fell in love with, is now free to see me. With that information, I informed the husband that something was going to have to change with us. I was tired of suffering and lying and failing at being what he needed me to be. I told him if he wanted to leave I understood, I just couldn't lie to myself anymore....

He made the decision to attempt to work out this poly relationship, but things are slow going and we are hitting alot of roadblocks....

The only reason that I think this may work, is that I have demanded that all parties involved be absolutely honest and hide nothing. If me and the H don't work out, the I will be with the new guy, it a completely poly relationship with minimal problems. But my H has a part of my soul, and if I can make this work while including him, then I am willing to do as much work as it takes....

anyway, that's the main gist of the story...

btw, you can call me Skells, my H is going to be referred to as A, and my other is going to be referred to a V...
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