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Old 06-05-2013, 03:25 AM
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Default Still new and strange

So I am not sure how I feel about this entire situation. I gave my bf a key to my apt. not only because we spend so much time together, but because next week I will be out of town and he is taking care of my critters. Also, right before I leave, he is going to babysit my kiddo for 2 hours while I finish some scuba stuff I need to do for a research trip. Tonight, we laid around and watched a horrible horror film and laughed. I thought I would be staying with him since it is almost a week since we spent the night together alone, but I realized I hadn't taken care of my critters.

As usual, he was quite logical, but didn't want to see me go.

I was planning to take the key back after my trip, but he sent me home with some things that would make him for comfortable at his apt. Admittedly, tonight, I took a robe and a toothbrush to his place. He doesn't talk relationships much, but something about the events of the evening made it clear that I am not the only one with feelings.

Also, apparently, the girl that the SO has been communicating with seemed to really miss him this weekend. Who has experience with a long term couple both experiencing NRE at the same time?

I am quite curious.
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