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Old 05-31-2013, 12:49 AM
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Default First time, we're both nervous!

New here.. but have lurked off and on for years. Since we finally have found a real opportunity, we are pursuing it and it seems like there's potential for a real connection here.. so we're nervous obviously.

We were hoping we could get some insight and perspective from other couples that have been in our place.. and other women who have been on that first date with a couple.... helpful tips, what we might expect on that nervous first date.

We met her in the last week online. For some reason, I just decided to search a local board after not looking for over a year.. and found her ad. I told him and wrote her. Her and I have been talking via IM.. on the phone.. him and her and I have talked together both on IM and on the phone (I initiated first contact with her, then we all talked the next day and have been since). We live in the same city and we are planning to meet face to face in the next few days.

We seem to have a lot in common and are looking for the same goals in a poly relationship (triad), but it's a first for all of us. We've all agreed that we want to get to know one another first before there would ever be any sexual involvement, so it's not really that part that has us nervous right now.. it's the fact that him and I have never dated someone else separately while together, let alone together.

We had a threesome years ago, months after we first met. It was completely uninhibited, with a mutual friend, we were all intoxicated and while it was amazing, a one nighter is not the sort of thing we are looking for now. We're looking for something deeper, but since it's been so long since either of us have dated, we are both feeling.. awkward about it and don't want that to rub off on her. Should we convey these feelings to her? Should we just try to be as calm and natural as possible?

We're planning to go out for some appetizers and then to play some arcade games and mini golf or a movie.
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