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Old 05-24-2013, 03:29 AM
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I am not saying it's wrong for anybody to think he's a swell guy. Here in the comments several people have said reading his posts have really helped them find a path to successful polyamory in their life. I personally despise his writing because I don't appreciate the psychological games he plays, it pisses me off when people believe someone is trying to help them out when all he is really doing is belittling people or fucking with their mind in a very subtle, pseudo-erudite ways. If people walk away from his posts with something positive, it is a positive thing, but because of his more malicious posts intended to mind fuck the reader I don't take anything he says to be a benefit. And as I have mentioned previously, writing about science using details that are flat out lies, has absolutely no benefit and only serves to confuse the people who may actually be wanting certain aspects of science demystified.

But claiming Carbon14 readings have anything to do with measuring the degree that something is toxic, is just an erudite literary with a huge inferiority complex needing to laugh at you behind your back in order for him to feel good, or blow off steam, or why-ever the hell he fucks wth people like that. Carbon14 is an element that naturally goes through a very reliable radioactive decay (it's used for dating objects) and the asshole claimed that flyash from coal buring power plants was more toxic than waste produced by a nuclear plant. After making more bogus claims, but in the realm of psychology he then points to how others are close minded and the reason they have biased opinions about nuclear power is because their mind lies to themselves (No, he lies about scientific facts) gets the reader to believe seemingly logical theories that are outright false, then he will move on to some other bullshit logic about poly or non-monogamy.

The thing is, the lies aren't necessary to make his poly assertions persuasive, and people whose inferiority complex is such that they practice getting others to believe the biggest lies possible for shits and giggles is sociopathic. It is isn't humorous, and he never informs the reader later how everything was bullshit. Many of his "real life" examples are utter bullshit, and it's fine when your are trying to help people along the path, but not to belittle to boost your own self-esteem, that's just fucked up and makes me wonder about other unspoken intentions in his poly blogs. Too often I get the impression he isn't helping, but rather attempting to make people suffer through the trials of poly for no other reason than he did.
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