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Old 05-22-2013, 11:29 PM
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Default My Rantings- from a primary's standpoint

okay so I am totally new to both this website and poly in general. I have been a bi-sexual woman and my husband of five years (CM) and I joked around about having a third woman, and when we met our gf (JB) I knew for certain she was the one. I knew because her and I instantly became good friends. Now I cant say that this isn't hard because it is, JM hasn't come out to her parents and recently we found out that there was an OOPS in the making (due Dec. 19 2013), So here we are, we have just moved in together all three of us and things are changing. Not just with our relationship, we also have a non-poly roommate (NM), we are learning about not just poly but also parenting as well, we are also learning about family and struggles of adapting to living together. So I have always kept a journal and always valued the opinion of other like minded people, so I decided to start blogging. Now that you know the cast and characters, let me introduce a few back stage members of our group: Ma is my husbands widowed mother, Mom and Dad are JB's mom and dad, My parents and family are non existent except in my children's lives. I have two children from a previous relationship which I am fighting for custody of. I am a Nurse and a recovered Heroin addict and proud to work with other addicts. So now that you know all our people, I have two more who I know will add serious antics to the drama and that's sally JB's prissy Siamese/ hyaline cat, and Izzy our Min Pin.
So I guess that about wraps up the introductions I guess I can start tonights ranting LOL

So I am very insistent that my family sit down to at least one meal a day at the table. So tonight it was steak, potatoes and rice. No mind you I am the one who cooks sets the table and makes everyone come to dinner. So when I sit down I kind of expect everyone to talk and chat, but tonight it was like there was a tension in the air, I cant quite figure it out but you know when your mommy instincts start going and you know there is something up but no ones is saying anything, and I wasn't about to rock the boat. I asked JB a few questions as she is starting her new job tomorrow, and I am so proud of her. I asked what time she needed up, so I cant get up early and make sure her and the baby have a good breakfast before going off for a full 12 hour shift. After asking a few questions, the silence remained. I knew we would finish dinner in that fashion. So while we were sitting there, I had the rare chance to just linger away in my own thoughts. While I was there I started looking around and noticed that every single person at that table with the exception of me had their elbows on the table, napkins either bunched up next to their plate or hadn't even bothered to move their napkin to their lap. What atrocious manors my family has. After having dinner last night with my 10 and 11 yrs old daughters and recognizing them every time they did have good table manors, I picked up on this group of adult men and women with table manors that wouldn't even suit McDonalds, I sware. So since JB is starting her new job tomorrow and I start mine sometime this week, I am going to have to sit down and have a family meeting regarding the chores of the house and the house hold management, because I cant keep up, I realized that not only with the manors, also with the house I am mostly the mommy figure and take care of everyone, don't get me wrong I love my duties, but now that things are changing and that we are both going to be working we have to sort out the whole domestic stuff. I am not sure how to let go of the reins, but also I know that I cant just be the only one doing this, and as with the table manors I cant exactly expect things to be done as I think they should be, because in the end, everyone was fed, happy and clean so really why was I so concerned?
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