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Old 05-13-2013, 04:17 AM
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Default how to approach spouse over an open marriage

Over a year ago I approach my husband about having an open marriage. He hated the idea and said it wasn't right for him and he felt like I didn't want him and he wasn't good enough.

Fast forward to now. We are stronger than ever, but I still long for an open marriage. I love my husband but I long for things he doesn't do (and admits is just not his personality) he's not a talker, he's not very emotionally available... I don't hold these against him and they aren't making me not want to be with him, but I truly want an open marriage. We have closed the chapter on us having anymore children. I'm not looking to find someone to replace him I just want to explore a new chapter in our lives.

I tried bringing it up in a vague way, saying how I had seen a show on it and what he thought. He said he thought each of us was too insecure and jealous. I told him I knew I wasn't, and he dropped the conversation there.

how do I discuss this with him without him looking at it as cheating, or even to a point where he isn't offended for me expressing that this is something I'd like for us to try... I have no idea how to just come out and say it without him feeling hurt like he's not good enough.
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