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Old 01-18-2010, 10:38 PM
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I'm not going to rush it. We don't currently have any other partners so there's really no need to explain anything to them. IF we should have other partners I'll explain if they ask.

The older (by two whole minutes) is just waaaaaaaaay too much like his dad in too many ways to count. I told him I sent him the link yesterday and explained, face to face, why I sent it and that I still want him to ask me any questions he might have, that the link is a way to get information if he's too embarassed to ask (masturbation comes to mind, as does condoms) about something. He said OK and continued on with one of his shows (you know, the ones he's probably seen 10,000 times (I KNOW I have heard them that many times)). Time will tell whether he actually heard me or not.

btw their dad is totally useless when it comes to sex talks! I've asked him I don't know how many times to talk to them about wet dreams since it's something I've never experienced. After five years he STILL hasn't so I've given them names of other males in their lives to talk to & now Scarleteen is another way for them to get the information.


Why don't our kids come with owner's manuals? It MIGHT make things a bit easier but I doubt it.

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