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Old 05-07-2013, 10:53 AM
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Default Ex wants to talk...

So, my former BF (a man in an open relationship) whom I dumped a couple weeks ago (I was upset about my status in the thing -- he was claiming his GF was unwilling for me to be anything more than purely a sex partner to him) has gotten in touch and "wants to talk".

I said I would. (Cowering now, and peering over shoulder, expecting BoringGuy to clobber me with a couple of brutal sentences)

I am not sure really whether this means he wants to see if he can renegotiate new terms with me. I'm not convinced he has enough authority -- his GF seems to have all the power in their relationship. But between dumping him and now, I have read alot on this board (and off it), and feel like I know a little bit about how these relationships CAN work when done right. I wouldn't mind talking with him about it. He is a PhD, it's within his capacity to understand. But unfortunately I'm shy in person and won't be as articulate as I'd like to be.

Also, while I think he'd understand my vision of what a poly relationship could be, I don't think he could sell it to his GF. And if we were to try again, I think I'd need some kind of direct communication from her about what precisely she is agreeing to. Don't want to hear it secondhand from him. I maybe even would demand to actually meet the woman.

Anyway, wish me luck. Going to try to sit a couple chairs away from this guy so I can't smell his scent while trying to make my points. Won't look at his muscular cyclist calves or touch his silky curls.

Will report back about how it goes...
Leelee, all alone.
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