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Old 05-07-2013, 05:02 AM
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Default its been a while

well its been a while since ive posted. last time i posted i got some negative comments and then the thread went in another direction. but anyway. alittle about me. I have been married 10 yrs. We currently have a gf and are in a closed triad. here is my dilemma. Recently we had some problems im not gonna go completely into it. but things kinda got ugly (emotionally not physical) and our gf broke up with us. a trust was broken and she left. and i understand why that trust was broken and i dont blame her for leaving. but we worked things out, and we are all back together. but part of my problem is now we kinda have to start over and build that trust back. which means NRE starts over. which really sucks because i was having a hard time with it. sometimes i feel left out. like all they care about is how they are gonna get their time, and their alone time. and i know both of them love me. i guess i have some jealously. and i think alot of my problem is him just as much as her. the way he looks at her. the way he will quickly grab and hold her hand. i think alot of it is i dont feel the romance and the passion like he has with her and it hurts. and i try to tell him to hold me, kiss me, and alot of the times i will get smart ass remarks just because thats the way he is. a jokester. maybe its just because we have been togetherr for 10 yrs and their relationship is new. all her ever talks about is her or cars. and sometimes i just want us time. and again ive told him that. it drives me nuts when im tryin to have me and him time and they are texting. and ive told him that and i tihnk its something he is trying to work on. i feel bad cuz i know he is trying to juggle 2 woman. and im sure its not easy. as far as me and her. we still have not had alone intimate time. it never works out. and i think part of my problem too is they get time together. they have a date night one night, and then i have practice one night so they get their "alone" time. so im having a hard time. but i think things are gonna get better. im staying positive. hopefully it works out but next week we are suppose to go on a trip just me and her and stay overnight. i am sooo excited. just nervous to get my hopes up and then get disappointed. but again gonna stay positive. so after all this talking my question is.... is all my worries stupid? am i over reacting? how do i get past the NRE? thank you for reading sorry its so long
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