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Old 04-27-2013, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
My issue with this situation has NOTHING to do with age but the fact fact that you would consider hurting your daughter.
It is NOT INCEST. Will I be hurting my daughter? Please read what I wrote a while earlier:

opalescent: Both my stepson and daughter are aware of our lifestyle (they kind of figured when they were younger, in the autumn of 2011 (historic, for us!) three of us (me, son and daughter) discussed it, albeit without Ďcategorizingí the lifestyle, nor mentioning any names of the people who were part of our lifestyle and some of who, I think, my kids suspected as much.

I had wanted hubby to also join in in that Ďhistoricí conclave, but he had felt too awkward, and, till date, the matter has never been discussed in his presence (nor otherwise, really, to any great extent).

I am closer to my daughter. We joke with each other. Itís not rare that, in a social situation, if she detects something Ďamiss,í sheíll be upfront and say something like ĎMa, you are up to it again.í And weíll laugh together.

But yes, I canít tell her Iím attracted to your casual FWB.

Hubby is more than ok. Thatís how/why I didnít cast my veto right away. His logic is, F (our daughter) has moved on twice already. So itís only a matter of time.

If they stop seeing each other, then I revisit? Yes, you have given me an option. But all of you have advised a clear hands-off. Perhaps, if F clears my revisit down the line?
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