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Old 04-26-2013, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
I would say though, that a lot of the below could be enjoyed with a friend (2 for 1s, going to dinner together, not getting harassed, etc.) I understand that the privilege referred to is a pretty specific context, but when a lot of those things can be experienced with a friend, a father, a co-worker, it gets muddy for me. Plus 1's are often friends for me at events, too.
The social pressure to be in a relationship really is ridiculous. And while I know single people CAN enjoy some of the same privileges as a couple by doing something with a friend/relative/etc, sometimes that adds a whole new dimension of awkwardness and possible negativity to deal with. Instead of "Oh, couldn't you find a date??" you get "Oh, how long have you two been dating? You're not?! Why NOT?!? You'd be SUCH a cute couple..." or "You couldn't find a REAL date?!?" etc. There is such a horrific stigma, still, against being single.

Now you and I, BP, can ignore (if we're not already oblivious to) the stares, whispers, snide comments, and general nosiness of people, especially if we have no particular connection with them. But not everyone can, nor should they have to, imo.

Also, Tonberry, thank you for, once again, writing out my thoughts better than I ever could!
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