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Old 04-26-2013, 10:41 AM
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Default Is NRE "a girl thing"?

I've been reading (sympathetically!!) some of AnnabelMore's posts about her lover Clay and how much she misses him and had to look up the term NRE -- what a smart term, and what a good way to acknowledge the relative value of the kinds of feelings we have in new AND established relationships-- but it led me to wonder, do men really feel the more challenging side of NRE, or is it a "girl thing"?

Thinking about all my relationships all the way back to high school, I can't remember a lover of mine ever admitting to me that he felt that kind of painful obsession/distraction/desperation at the beginning of a relationship.

I DO remember, of course, some boyfriends whining about having to wait to get together, but it was always from a perspective of "I'm so horny, I might actually DIE". Whereas what annabel describes (and what I know I've experienced, too) is not strictly a sexual thing... more like... "If I could just have ONE hug, and smell his smell, I think I could get through my day".

And I've had boyfriends suddenly get sort of obsessed at a point months or years into the relationship... as though the powerful attachment feelings that seem to come to us women right away (when we find the right guy) take, instead, months or years to develop in a man.

What do you think, guys? Is NRE a girl thing?
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