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Old 04-21-2013, 04:16 AM
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Default Update

Well we are now a few weeks into this and it is still going well. He got home before both of us friday night but was gone when we got here. Her and I talked and since he had been gone all week we decided it was only fair for him to have friday night. He came back shortly after, got something to eat and we all curled up on the couch with her between us...and in her glory having 2 men paying attention to her.....lol. We chatted, watched some tv, fixed his e mail for him and just had a nice evening with her curled up next to us. Finally she decided she had had enough and started flirting more and more stroking his arms and face while I caressed her and she began giving him little pec's here and there. She stood up and told him he needed to come upstairs with her. I told her I would be up later on and to have fun. I heard the door close followed several minutes later by soft moaning and an occ. giggle so they must have been having a great time. I peeked in later on when I went up and they were curled up together asleep looking beautiful and sastisfied. Tonight is "my" weekend night since he is gone to see his daughter and I am sure we will have an equally good relaxing evening ending with us being happy and sastisfied as well. She could not thank me enough this morning for letting her have the freedom to enjoy herself and says she is really beginning to move more towards feeling love for him as well as lust....lol. I will keep everyone posted as it goes along and thanks for the interest.
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