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Old 04-20-2013, 01:26 PM
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Default Should I go there? Or leave it well alone...

Ahhhh.... this is going to be long.

So I have been seeing this guy K for a little while now. I spend a fair bit of time at his house and stay overnight at least once a week, up to four nights a week. Right from the beginning, one of his housemates and I have hit it off. Extremely well. To the point where I'm just as happy and excited to see both of them. As is my 3yo daughter. I'm definitely attracted to both of them - physically, mentally, emotionally. Although they have lots of similarities they are also quite different and I love them both for these differences. We spend a lot of time all together and usually all three of us are considered in decisions, meals, outings etc. It feels like a family, the only thing missing is the physical side. I absolutely crave to be affectionate towards them both.

His housemate is flirty with me so I'm pretty sure it's a mutual attraction, there is definitely some connection there that I really want to explore. I'm also quite aware that K is aware of it. It has come up once in conversation when I was actually referring to something else, saying that I'd like to see my past girlfriend again, K somehow took half of what I said and assumed I was talking about wanting to sleep with his housemate. It was actually that moment when I realised it all kind of clicked for all of us. But no more was said about it and life went on as normal. Now I've reached a point where I want things to be out in the open. I want to be able to be openly affectionate with both of them. I need the tension to break.

I know the next step is to talk to K about 'opening' our relationship. I'm rubbish at the whole tact thing (eeep!) so there's a very high chance of me fucking this up. I'm also wondering whether it's all a bit close to home .. should just I leave it? Am I way out of line falling for his housemate?

My fear is that K might decide that he no longer wants to be involved, which would make things very awkward and basically impossible for me to pursue a relationship with either of them since I would definitely feel uncomfortable going to visit his housemate at their house and not be with K. And I do love K and really enjoy spending time with him, so don't want to push him out of the picture.

Any suggestions on how I should bring this up? How to soften the blow, I mean. Basically tell me what to say so I don't put my foot in it too far :P haha. But seriously, what are some more delicate ways to broach the subject?

Any opinions and advice greatly appreciated Thank you.
I reserve the right to love many different people at once, and to change my prince often.
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