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Old 04-14-2013, 02:45 AM
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I'm another who replied to one of your posts and who stands by what I said. If you ask questions while withholding half the information then you don't get to complain when the answers don't match your situation. Conversely, when your behaviour so closely fits the Unicorn Hunter model you shouldn't be surprised when it's pointed out to you.
Originally Posted by lizzygirl2412 View Post
I want an equal not someone that feels beneath me in any way.
What, exactly, do you mean by this? This is a very common thing for a Unicorn Hunter to say, but when you scratch the surface it usually tends to fall apart.
Originally Posted by lizzygirl2412 View Post
I am not blind to the things that can possibly go wrong. I am just willing to try and hope we find someone that is willing to try also.
Would you want to drive across a bridge designed by someone who knew that it might fall down if it wasn't built right but rejected all offered advice on the grounds that they'd prefer to try and hope? I know I wouldn't, and your potential Third probably won't either.

People here have offered you legitimate advice built on the experience they have and which you lack. They aren't remunerated for it in any way, and as far as I've seen they've been polite about it. If what you really wanted was unconditional support and your only complaint is that nobody's given you the green light to continue skipping happily off a cliff then you shouldn't have asked for advice in the first place and saved us all the trouble.
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