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Old 06-13-2009, 09:49 PM
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Default Mixed feelings! Help!!

I am new to this, although I have had a good friend who was involved in a poly relationship. I have always been open minded and have played with the idea but never actually tried it. I do know that my emotions can go both ways on me. I certainly have love for more than one person. However, I am in a mono relationship. Recently, I have connected with a past friend/lover. He is supposed to be getting married in 2 months and technically you might say I am engaged as well....YET we have found ourselves in a situation where there is an undeniable love between us. We are exploring the idea of a poly relationship. At this point, it's not since his lover nor mine are aware of this situation. It's all been very confusing over the last few weeks but I know I have love for them both as I know he feels the same on his side. I've spoken with several people, mostly those who believe in monogomy. They obviously cant see the possibilities and see it as a superficial type of thing. I don't necessarily agree. What I do worry about is the jealousy. I've read how it is supposed to work and the mutual respect along with the openness and ensuring everyone is getting what they need. It sounds beautiful...but is it really possible?? I'm worried that if I even bring up the idea of a poly relationship to my fiance that it may damage us, I dont know if I'm ready for that but I know I don't want to loose this other person in my life. Ahhhh! What to do what to do, any ideas...suggestions...advice....support is greatly appreciated!!!

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