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Old 04-07-2013, 01:21 PM
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Just so things stay on topic as much as possible:

I do understand that modding a board is hard work. I run two right now and even with the help of a couple of staff members, it's difficult. Can't be everywhere at once, and I get it. I also have a pet peeve of staff making things personal. When I feel overly frustrated I try to let another staff member know and let them deal with it if possible. Or if not, if it MUST be me dealing with things, I run my notes, letters, PMs past them first to make sure I'm not coming off harsher than I need to.

Mods are humans too, I get it. However, I just went through WEEKS of dealing with sites that took someone at their word, never bothered reading all the information or asking me for any clarification and just banned me. I did nothing. So when a couple of days later I am dealing with staff profusely apologizing because NOW they go back and look at all the evidence and find that I was in the right, did nothing and the person they trusted made things up, they find they made a boo boo. Then, to top it off, they get high and mighty because, hey! They are mods! So the fact that I document all abuse I receive from the person they trusted makes them feel bad about their mistake. So again, I'm in the wrong.

Mods are not gods, and they are human, we all understand that, but mods need to understand that too. Just because you have certain powers does not mean that you do not make mistakes. Be embarrassed if you did, if you acted too rashly or too fast, but don't turn it around on members because you feel embarrassed. It kills any sort of trust with staff.

Remember, us lowly members have NO IDEA what is going on behind the scenes so if it's a MOD decision, state it. "This is something multiple members of staff have discussed and the decision we arrived at." Simple, and tells us that it's not personal. Or, better chance that it's not at least.

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