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Old 04-07-2013, 08:31 AM
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fuchka yeah, I actually feel more interested in being in fb now that I'm thinking about it in those kind of terms.

RainyGrlJenny, thanks!


So, all good all around. Might start from a few days ago.

I had a date.

Btw, it was so strange to have a date, since I've never really done that, I've pretty much only started things with people I know already/friends. But I met this genderqueer woman just briefly in a group thing, and then she mentioned to Mya that she thought I was interesting and cute and since I had thought that about her, too, I asked her out.

We had a very good time. I liked her a lot, she seems interesting and fun and intelligent. Plus, cute and hot. And the interest seems to be mutual, and we're seeing each other again next week. So, yay! I think I'll call her Ivy around here.

I got a chance to spend some very pleasant time with Alec on the following evening. I am loving the support I'm getting from him, he was excited and happy for me about my date with Ivy. And also in other things, I am really feeling the love from him in that. We are enjoying each other's company a lot.

And yesterday me and Mya celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We had a very nice time, hung out in some of our favourite areas in Dream City and bought queer clothes. I now own skinny jeans which are golden in colour. They totally work towards a gay/glam rock guy wibe. Which is something fun. Besides shopping, we had very nice lunch before seeing a musical, and then had a lovely dinner. Overall, a really enjoyable day.

Also, I am celebrating my 9 year anniversary with Alec today, one day in advance. It's funny that the two are so close together, and also funny that if things with Ivy progress to a relationship, that will be around this same time as well....
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