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Old 04-07-2013, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, if someone is "mostly" monogamous, then they are, therefore, not monogamous. Ugh.

I knew the term came from Dan Savage but I have steadfastly refused to look it up because I think it's ridiculous. My refusal is pretty much in the same vein as my refusal to ever read one single article or photo caption about a Kardashian - I deliberately look away. I'm hoping when I'm on my death bed someday in the future, I still won't know which Kardashian is which, nor why they are famous.
I'm sorry that you are hurting over this kardashian issue, nycindie. Tell us, is a kardashian like one of those wool sweaters with buttons down the front? Did your mother force you to wear a kardashian to school, where it itched you all day and the other kids made fun of you because it was not a good color? Do you attend Kardashians Anonymous and or Kar-Anon meetings regularly to overcome your cravings and seek support during moments when you are about to reach into the closet and pick up another one? Do you realize that your experience is common as mud? I say this not to belittle your feelings, but to let you know you aren't alone and others before you have worked through the same thing and come out of it a better person after all.

Hang in there!
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