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Old 04-06-2013, 11:00 PM
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Oh, I know. I appreciate that.

People jumped on the bandwagon of assuming that I was changing my entire state of being to please my husband. Matt was trying to talk me out of this decision, so how does that work? I am not doing anything to fit some BS societal mold. To an outsider looking in, that may seem like the case. I know my heart. I know it better than anyone. That set me off. It implied that I have no brain, and that I let others think for me or dictate how I run my life. It also implies that it was only just for "fun." What a nightmare for Si. (How dare I get tired and grow weary from fighting a losing battle?) How bloody inconsiderate of me. This is how I have been treated from those around me. I am being "shunned" from that angle, too.

I have read time and time again that it is the individual's responsibility to maintain their own happiness. I was not happy. I was losing weight, stressed out, and feeling isolated. I was already feeling bad, and once the guilt kicked in and started mixing with her reluctance to offer support, the negative attitude, and our "relationship" collapsing, change had to come.

I foresee your situation in my near future. I am only with a man now, so I am presumed to be "straight." Uh-oh. I no longer fit the mold of what a bisexual/pansexual individual looks like or how one should behave. I better not attend any pride related events. I would not want to get any dirty looks.

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