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Old 04-04-2013, 06:07 PM
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Default Hi!

I just realized about two months ago that I'm polyamorous. My gf and I have always had our problems...we love each other a lot but she could never, before this all happened, satisfy me emotionally or sexually. I would always think about the way she was so closed up to the point that I kept trying to break up with her. Every time we'd break up, though, she'd keep talking to me and we'd eventually get back together, although with the same stuff happening.

Now, I usually refuse to cheat and I hate lying to people but I wanted her to leave me alone so bad that I found another woman and fell in love with her behind my girlfriend's back. The second I slipped up a little bit, though, I confessed to it and we broke up again. But she kept talking to me and decided she wanted me back and that I had to break up with the other woman. So I did.

Well, I couldn't stop talking to the other woman either...so we got together and I broke up with the first. This happened for about a month straight; the switching back and forth until I just got tired of them manipulating me into trying to break up with the other one.

I told them both that I had had enough and broke up with them both...they kept talking to me and I told them that if they wanted me they have to accept the fact that I need to love them both. OMG there was so much crying during this but they finally accepted it.

Well, it's been about a month since we've gotten everything sorted out and the drama has pretty much stopped completely, for now. PLUS my original gf has gotten way way way more open to new experiences and her sexual technique is much better now. They don't talk to each other because they're naturally not that friendly toward one another but they both have come to terms with it.

I urge them to find other bfs but they refuse, citing that they don't want anyone else but me. I guess I'm cool with that but I can see a ton of problems in the future once the subjects of marriage and children come up...this is nice but it's definitely not a walk in the park.

Excuse my rambling and I hope I'm not a pariah to yall but if I'm not an acceptable case of polyamory, then I'm on my own.
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