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Old 04-04-2013, 07:59 AM
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Default everything has changed again

hi all, I am looking for some advice, since we broke up with J and B, B has made no contact with me despite me trying, J and G ( my primary) get to see each other at last and he was moving on till they met and now J has spoken to B again about being poly, he said no but G and J are talking about it, if G was single he said he would date her again, which to me means he is going to date her anyway or drop me to do so. J says she no longer loves me well she does as a friend which makes me even more sure she never did because I was always referred to as the friend and she never wanted to sleep with me unless g was there or he would find out about it, she said she thought she had to date me because that was the only way to date him.

if B ever says yes, its clear my choice doesn't matter, he said in a message to her, I hope he says yes and not just for me so he is getting back with her. if things were any different then maybe I would say yes but she risked getting pregnant with g, she said everyone would be happy if she got pregnant with his baby ( not true, B and myself wouldn't, g said he wouldn't be happy either) she helped him lie about their feelings and she was too close to my kids, calling herself mummy. there is too much hurt going on and I just feel this is out of my control. If she ever got back with him I would struggle to want to stay with g because I love him so much but it hurts thinking of him being with her again, she is so perfect to me, he wouldn't do any of the things he has done to me to her, which makes me feel she is more important.

and what about me if she dates him, what about me, she doesn't love me anymore and I don't think anyone understands how much that hurts.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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