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Old 03-28-2013, 04:00 PM
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Default From Theory to Practice

I'll try to keep this brief, on why I'm here now.

Age 14 - Strongly identified as asexual - the thought of a partner being romantic or sexual with another person doesn't bother me.
Age 16 - Fall in love with two people. Confused. Resolved pretty quickly: "Hey, why can't I love two people?" Find Franklin Veaux's sprawling web empire. "Yeah, that makes sense!"
Age 18 - Sex drive finally starts booting up. Things are weird, new, and mostly good.

Just in case genders help visualize (I find they do): DK and WK - Gentlemen. Me and TJ - Ladies.

Age 20 - Meet DK. Upfront about wanting to be poly. Date DK for a year before insecurity, fear, and different needs break us up.
Age 21 - Start dating WK. WK asks DK if it's okay, since it's soon after our break up and they're friends. WK finds out I'm poly from somewhere in the friend network, and is cool with it when I tell him.
Age 22 - WK and I are pretty serious. Move in together, meet parents.
Age 23 - I ask DK on a date, despite him living an hour away. Things seem to be a lot better between us, and we're liking it. WK completely ok with whole situation.

So, I'm 24 now. DK asked out another girl (TJ) who lives near him, and here's where shit hits the fan - she's really not comfortable with the whole situation. DK is very determined to make it work.


I'll probably be lurking the forums and trying to gather ideas, strategies, and perspective. I've had poly brain for so long it's really hard to work my head around 'the other side'. We've never spoken, except 'through' DK, which I'm not happy about, but me making the move to contact would really upset her I feel. Ack. We'll see.
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metamour concerns, problem solving, whatnot

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