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Old 01-09-2010, 05:35 PM
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I feel very grateful to have stumbled onto this thread after a very turbulent 72 hours in my current configuration that is struggling to become a "v" (I think.)

My ideal:
Myself and my husband, boyfriend, husband's girlfriend, and her other boyfriend (yikes) all living together. Maybe in the same house, maybe on the same block. There is enough space for alone time when desired, but nobody has to be alone without choice, including the children. There is never need for a child to struggle to find someone to help with homework or to take him/her to the park. Nobody sleeps alone unless he/she wants to. But...we all have our own private room. Nobody has to work through a crisis alone, or be sick alone, or do anything alone that he/she doesn't WANT to do alone. Yet...everyone realizes the value and importance of alone time for personal growth.

We share our resources including money, time, knowledge, energy, and meals. We have no shame, and feel entirely comfortable inviting anyone over without hiding anything about the situation. We are probably poly-fi (although I don't know if that is necessary).

It would be awesome to have a fireplace, and sit around together at night and read books out loud by the fireplace. We would consistently experience the tangible, warm, glowing feeling of love that I have glimmers of when feeling complete acceptance and comfort from the parties involved. Because there is so much love in the room, sometimes it feels that my body can't quite contain it all and will burst, and then I realize that the wonderful thing is that we are all containing it together. The love and connection almost has a life of it's own that is palpable to anyone walking by. We are all better people because of each and every other party involved.

And there will be healthy helpings of compassion and forgiveness when people (like myself) accidentally do or say things that hurt.

The wonderful thing is...I believe this is completely possible and that I am on the journey to it.
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