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Old 03-18-2013, 02:11 PM
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Default When swinging becomes polyamory

My wife and I have been on the best emotional roller coaster of our lives in the past year. Here is my story:

I've been married to Ann since 1996 and together we have 3 kids. We first met in high school but didn't start to date until 2 years after graduation. Ann was the first girlfriend that I ever had that I felt we had no jealousy about our past relationships. She made me feel so free and I loved her so much for this.

Fast forward 10 years and 3 kids. Our marriage seemed normal and happy and then one night while lying in bed Ann tells me she had been fantasizing about being with another girl since high school. Dreams do come true! So naturally we became swingers.

Over the next couple of years we could barely get out twice a year to meet couples. We always had the best time together but wanted something more even though we weren't sure what we are looking for.

Last summer Ann's good friend Minnie started hanging out at our place a lot with her kids. Ann and I live in the country and all of our kids would spend time fishing & camping together right on our property. I had casually mentioned to Ann that we should approach Minnie for a threesome. Ann kind of smiled at the idea, didn't give me her own yes or no but was pretty sure Minnie would say yes.

Finally one night, the kids were in bed and the three of us were left alone by the campfire. Even before I could start a "leading" conversation topic Minnie just comes out and says "You guys want to fool around?" Needless to say things went well and we continued this trend fairly regularly over the next few months.

As our comfort level with each other grew Ann asked me if I ever wanted to be with Minnie alone that she would be fine with it. I was excited for this opportunity and when Ann went out of town for a week in September, Minnie and I spent an evening together. It was a fantastic "guilt free" experience.

Before Ann left for her week away she stated that I had her permission to visit Minnie but didn't want to know until she got home. When Ann returned home I was all smiles and she knew. She wants so happy for me and wanted to hear all about it. It was amazing.

For the next two months the three of us or any two of us would be together. Things were perfect. Then Ann wanted a boyfriend...........

......more to follow.
Me: Late 30's male. Ann: My wife. Minnie: My girlfriend and Ann's best friend. Jeff: Ann's boyfriend. Shawn: Minnie's other boyfriend. Christie: Jeff's wife.
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