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Old 03-16-2013, 03:25 AM
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Default typical girl question

I'd like to think Im not a typical girl, but when it comes to public events, I usually take a generous portion of time to stress about my clothing choices.

Let me start off be saying that my boyfriend K, and his wife have just gone through a huge emotional roller coaster. The three of us have actually. K was admitted to the ER the other night with a wicked tooth ache that turned into an infection, that turned into an abscess, that turned into emergency oral surgery. I came down to the hospital with them of my own volition and stayed for the entire wait to see a doctor. I couldnt not be with them. The stress from waiting at home, thinking, wondering and not sleeping would have driven me insane. So I got out of bed, put clothes on, made copious amounts of tea, took funds out of my bank for who the hell knew what and sat with them for 5 hours. The money it turns out paid for his oral surgery consultation and the company I gave them lowered their stress level considerably. I made his wife laugh and as much as it killed him to do it, smile.

Now Ive been invited to dinner at their place when K is able to eat real food. R is going to cook. I hear she is amazing! But what the hell do I wear to something like this?! Its a first date. I havent been on a first date in ages! Even the dates I go on with K are more of prolonged, possibly romantic hang out sessions (which is fine, neither of us need to impress). Also, its their home, their life, their sanctuary that Im invited to. This is a freaking huge step for all of us. Aid me in a style of dress, or other clothing and that will start to take the edge off of my stress.

Oh yea, and I have a job interview with the District Manager to be an Assistant Manager of a store. Kinda freaking out over that too.
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