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Old 03-12-2013, 03:41 AM
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Default Trying to cope

This is my first time postingÖ.
My fiancť told me back in October that she thinks that she may be Poly. This seemed to be triggered by her meeting a man over the summer that she really connected with and felt sexually attracted to.
Let me preface this by saying that we are a lesbian couple and for me, I never imagined sharing my partner with anyone else, especially another man. She has always been a very loving person. She loves the world and I guess Iím not surprised by her coming out as Poly, but I am having a really hard time, understanding what she needs from other people that I canít give her.
She explains it like she has so much love in her heart to give that it extends beyond just me. That she can love others while still loving me the same, even more, because she knows what a big deal this is for me. She loves me and I know she wants to grow our love and share our life together, that I am her primary person.
But right now its really hard to see all that. She is visiting that man that first brought up all these feelings this week. She flew to the opposite side of the country to see him. I just feel so lonely, sad and abandon. Itís hard to connect with her while sheís gone because I keep visualizing them being intimate in some way. Itís difficult to sleep, or even function. I just want her home. I know all these insecurities are unfounded and she will never leave me but I want to know desperately how to come to peace with all of this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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