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Old 03-07-2013, 11:28 PM
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Default how do I deal with my heartbreak..

I'll try and recap everything, last year october B and J broke up with us ( me and my primary G)

I was the person who was blamed, this broke my heart, B said he couldn't not see one of us ( G ) and not the other person (me), I begged, pleaded for months for them both to talk to me but I got nothing but angry texts from them both but gaz got messages from J, she said I meant to much to her so she ignored me, it hurt her less.

how? would this really hurt less, knowing I was hurting and her knowing she was ignoring me really hurt me but still she carried on.

fastforward to now... G isn't allowed to see J alone ( B doesn't trust them both) but she can see me alone and I asked B if he wanted to see me for a drink and he ignored me and this was weeks ago.. G says I need to keep trying, keep texting but I can't, I had my birthday last year december, I saw her two days before my birthday so she knew but I didn't even get a happy birthday text but when she was dating G he got a card and present, I don't even get a text.

I keep seeing J text G and now she has agreed to have a msn date to talk, to which I am going out for so I can't be there while they just talk about eachother, G and J saw each other a few weeks ago B was there and she text him today saying she wished she could have put her arm around him etc but I don't get this.

this hurts so damn much, it seems like they don't even care how this is affecting me, G thinks its ok for me because I have A my bf but it is not easy it is just as heartbreaking, I want her to say she loves me or does she not love me anymore but she won't. I have lost someone who I thought my bestfriend and my girlfriend but it feels like I didn't mean anything to her...
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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