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Old 03-05-2013, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by undefinable View Post
"Polyamorists in general tend to be younger, almost exclusively middle class, and usually white. Perhaps having less immediate threats to welfare and survival as in many inner-city and minority populations allows this group of people more freedom to go against societal norms." was the statement that grabbed my attention.
Don't take it too seriously.

Bloggers in general tend to be younger, almost exclusively middle class, and usually white. Perhaps having less immediate threats to welfare and survival as in many inner-city and minority populations allows this group of people more freedom to sit in front of the computer all day, pretending they have something worthwhile to say."
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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Old 03-09-2013, 07:30 AM
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Default I think SchrodingersCat may be onto something

Especially when it comes to perceived demographics, especially when the perceived demographic is observed as if it were obvious from observation of what it looks like online.

Safety and security definitely play a role preventing some people from living their lives openly as whoever it is they are, but I am not sure it's on the same level as what women went through during women's rights movement, or non-caucasians (most of African descent) went through during "civil" rights movement, and I pray it won't be at the same level as the battle currently taking place for Gays and Lesbians right to live their life with only the hardships that life throws at them, without being afflicted by the often evil nature of human beings who just don't fully understand right from wrong because of the things they were fooled into believing.

Hopefully by the time the LGBT family members of Human Beings make it through the afflicting they will be the last who had to rely on the courageous sacrifices made by the first heroes who were willing to do the right thing based on principle, who were willing to take make a stand, even if it meant doing so alone.

As more people begin to understand the truth of life, by practicing honesty, I firmly believe that those who do understand the truth, we come to recognize how little difference between who we are actually exists. So many disputes that happen between people, societies, and cultures are the direct result of lies, or more accurately not truths. Nearly all disputes that arise from parties not being able to understand one another, there is one culprit that is the reason, the culprit's name is lies.

Whether it's the result of intentionally misleading, omitting facts, not be transparent, or just being taught to accept false notions and adopting flawed belief systems or prejudices passed down through tradition, there is always some element of falseness, an absence of Truth that goes unrecognized. The worst cases are people who make a fully knowledgeable decision to remain in the dark because they do not want to understand the truth

and how are we to remain in the right in dealing with those that choose darkness may turnout to be the real sixty-four-thousand dollar question

It hard to deal with problems like these that plague human beings. Sex and sexuality is something that is sacred, something that nobody deserves to be ridiculed or criticized about when in regards to fully knowledgeable, explicitly consenting adults in private. Humiliating a person's sexuality when that humiliation is not desired (when it fits the previously stated criteria) is fundamentally wrong and more has more potential to be damaging to a person, society, culture or a globally collective species than is currently recognized

and it is one of the saddest things in the world that true misery loves company, right up there with those who exercise their own freewill choosing ignorance and calling it spirituality, then running with that concept using fear and hatred to commit atrocities against others labeling such acts in the name of Love or God

for that to take place in the year 2013 when there are so few -- if any -- secrets that haven't been revealed to Human Beings requires some atomic strength denial

I wish denial didn't come in anything but "extra" strength personally, and only available to those who are aware of the truth, but should not be subjected to a world that does not recognize it

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