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Old 01-05-2010, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by vampiresscammy View Post
practicalities - toybox or no toybox? if your lucky enough to have room/space for one and no little people to get into it, good on you, if you do need to worry of little ones, find somewhere they can't get into but close to where you like to play, and if you can't get an actual toybox, use a nice big duffle bag or anythign that easily holds your goodies but doesn't harm them (i.e. no scratching or denting of items).
instead of a toy box or duffel bag we use a suit bag! It hangs up if needed, things hang up IN it, it lays flat, holds TONNES of toys! Yeah, that's our toy bag!

Personally i've been a masochist for 20+ years although only the last 12 have had any consistency to them.

Sir calls me His scratching post because i LOVE to be scratched!

I LOVE to play in public! I'm an energy vampire so all those good vibes from everyone in the space just adds to my sub space & makes me one very, VERY happy camper!

As for the soft touch.....soft touch is sometimes even MORE painful, especially if you're a masochist who's craving pain & not getting it!

redpepper said:
"I'm not going to take the beating without having an orgasm at the end." Am I shit out of luck in finding playmates that are okay with the no sex thing? I'm thinking there is a group of people that just want a certain level of play and that I will find them..
Heck no you're not SOL! More often than not, maybe 95% of the time, our play ends with my falling asleep! There ARE tops and bottoms out there who are in the scene strictly for the thrill of it, the taking or giving control, the TPE and have absolutely no interest in sex with their partner.

Someone mentioned having to buy all their toys....That doesn't fly around here, at least for the tops. Some of us enjoy playing with others, and there are some who go to these parties just so they CAN play with others, & those whom we play with MUST have at least the basics of what they wish to play with with them. We carry some of our own with us but ONLY those which can be easily cleaned, are cheap enough to throw away or can be given to the recipient after play time is over. The dangers of passing a disease to someone through sweat contact is below minimal BUT you never know if that toy has come in contact with blood or other body fluids. In other words it's not just the Tops or couples who travel with toys, the subs do as well.

Now that my thoughts on other's posts is out of the way (sometimer's disease here, lol)....i'm slave to Sir's Dominant side & vanilla girlfriend to His vanilla side. Yes, i'm collared & proudly so . I'm not an extreme masochist but i do love a good flogging or paddling, among many other things. Sir bought me a TENS unit for Christmas! WOOT! We haven't had a chance to play with it yet but i'm thinking that Thursday night i'll use it on Him since His back's been bothering Him a lot lately.

Now, on to other threads since Sir's working and my plans for the night fell through so I've got ALL night to go through what's here .
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