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Old 02-14-2013, 08:17 AM
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Im desperatly in love with a woman who is married but wants to be with both me and her husband. I have known her for almost 15 years and i fell in love with her the first time i saw her. We lost touch about 9 years ago and just recently got back in touch. I told her i was still in love with her, but she didnt really say anything. I mean she is married with 4 kids. So for the last 1 and a half years we have been talking. I made a trip out to where she lives, it was the first time i saw her in 9 years. When i saw her i knew i still loved her. I have been with other women and had serious relationships with them but she was always in the back of my mind and always in the forefront of my heart. I compared the women i was with to her. Mind you these were some of the most horrific partners a girl could have and of course they never came close to her. I have loved this woman every day for the last 15 years without fail. So i tell her i love her and come to find out she is in love with me too. But she wants to be with me and her husband at the same time. She has yet to tell her husband of this love she has for me. I honestly dont know how he would react to it. When i went out there to visit we joked around at the idea and he seemed ok with it. I guess because im a woman and not another man. But if she approched him seriously i dont know what he would say. I dont even know how i would do with it. She wants to make me her wife she even bought a ring. So i guess my question is...if he is ok with this how do i learn to love both of them?? How do i learn to live and love the polyamory lifestyle?? Will my jealousy ever go away?? Because right now i am incredibly jealous of him and i dont want to be. She wants me to move out there, to have a life with her. But that means i would have to share her. And i dont know if i could. Does that mean i cant learn to live this way? I want so badly to be with her and have a relationship with her. Please any advice would be great. I go see her in a month and a half and that is when i will either break it off or we will sit down with her husband and talk seriously about it. What do i do?? Can polyamory be learned?? Please help. Thank you in advance
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