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Old 02-08-2013, 12:32 PM
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Exclamation Michigan newbie here :)

New here.
I am going to ramble most likely. I'm stuck in bed, up all night cause I slipped on ice yesterday afternoon.
So I was on tumblr and came across some sexual images,and stories.. that after reading,sent me into a search frenzy.

I've had a few serious relationships. Most lasted for few years. And even thou I was "happy", I realized over the years that the more I opened up to new thibgs, the more I realized I was different. I dabbled into fetishes that was brought up from ex's. And felt ever so more comfortable with myself but as I did get into three domes and even four somes. And wondered why I felt certain ways about things, and ideas. But never understood it an there was a point in time that I was with a ex Gf,and we both had interest in another woman,whom I had feelings for at one time and my ex got close with her after we were together, she started also having feelings for the third party.
My ex and I talked about the feelings and ours for each other. And felt we wanted to ask her if she would wanna "join us in our relationship " as we put it. Not just for sex, but for love. Emotions, the bond, an connection.
Well, at the time I didn't know that there was a life style of this sort of thing. I knew it was different. Feeling that way for more then one person.
Well,the third person wasn't not feeling the same in sense, wanting what I now feel,a poly life style.

So, after researching and reading some stuff on poly. Here I am !

Any comments and questions ..please go ahead ! I look forward to learning more about all of u and making new friends
New to the site, and relieved that I found it. Realizing I'm not weird, but just different. After researching poly life, and finding comfort here.
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