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Old 02-07-2013, 03:32 PM
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Default Love ALL the people! :D

Saw that posted on somebodies tumblr about being polyamorus pansexual, but I don't remember where XD

Dating ATM
Just Christie (2.5 years!)

So! I'm rather new to poly; I sorta stumbled into it on accident, really.
Oh! but I should start at the beginning!


So me and my girlfriend (we shall call her Christie) had discussed to some level of seriousness finding a girl for us to 'share' (LEGASP UNICORN HUNTERS HOW DARE WEEE D. We never really looked into it, or tried to find anyone, but that was an idea that had played around in our heads for a bit.
At the time I identified as pansexual, but at this point she identified as a straight male.

So, later (we'd been dating about a year and a half at this point) I met a really nice guy whom we shall call Aaron in our Secret World guild. I developed a crush on him almost instantly, which was a whole new experience for me too as I'd never had a crush on anyone I met online before, but carefully hid my affections. After a few weeks, when it became apparent that these feelings were not going away, I let Christie know that I had a crush on Aaron, and from that point on let her know everything about me and Aaron's interactions etc; She didn't get jealous or anything, she's an amazing woman!
It was really easy for me to hide my affections online, but me and Aaron ended up playing and RPing together a lot, and we had a classic I-got-OOC-in-my-RP slip, and got ICly called out on our characters flirting with each other. Soon after it became apparent that he really really liked me too, and it was causing him a lot of stress because he knew I was taken already. So I told him that I did return his feelings, but that I loved Christie and would not break up with her for anyone.
More stress later, it finally dawned upon me that Christie only real objection was the sexual side of a relationship, so I asked Christie if it were okay to pursue an asexual relationship with Aaron - and she said it was fine!

She then one-uped me and told me she was actually trans (to nobody's surprise XD ). Silly lady <3

So later that day I asked Aaron if he would like to be in an asexual relationship with me, and told him of my conversation with Christie, and he said yes!!
And even better, later on in the week, Christie told me she had thought about it, and figured she was being selfish for not being okay with me being sexual with him, and lifted that ban too! O=

....gonna type more later... story is long XD
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