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Old 02-05-2013, 02:43 PM
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Smile Sometimes someone doesn't send the awful, canned message.

This guy gets bonus points.

Saying you've never been to a rock concert--and doing so in a way that is inviting (daring?) someone to ask you to one on a date--makes it basically a necessity that I write you. Not on it's own, of course. But you appear to be interesting, and cute, and are poly with a primary partner (therefore not looking for a primary partner, which I am not up for at the moment)--but looking for a relationship/friendship not just random sex. Those are all kind of pre-requisites (well, poly isn't necessarily, but it makes the not-looking-for-primary thing a whole lot more likely/workable).

So, add to that stuff the opportunity to take you to see your first live rock band play, and it was basically like a cross between a gauntlet being thrown down and a handkerchief being dropped. Which is a most excellent metaphorical hybrid, and I compliment you on it.

Now I have to start keeping my eye out for good shows coming up, and hope the timing coincides with when our written correspondence reaches (if it does) a point where you'd like to meet...
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