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Old 02-02-2013, 09:17 PM
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Default Dealing with Jealousy

Hi there!

I'm new to this forum, and I need some help with an issue. My hubby and I met a couple thru an adult web site and hit it off immediatly. We share so many of the same likes and dislikes, you would think we've known each other for years. We decided, after our 1st meeting that we would not look at any other couple on this same adult site, and they agreed on the same. But they had another couple that they had met before us and saw occasionly, but not for a while. The issue with this is, when we all agreed to be monoganmous with each other, he (my hubby) assumed they had kicked this other couple to the curb. But just last week, this 3rd couple wanted to get together with our couple to celebrate their 1 yr anniversary. While I didn't understand, if they hadn't seen this couple in quite some time, how can you celebrate an anniversary? But didn't think much more of it. My hubby, on the other hand, flew into a fit of anger of this. He demanded they kick them to curb completely and he wanted proof of this. I told him that he cannot dictate who anyone can/cannot see. Now we are in constant arguements over this. The wife of our couple has told him (repeatly) they are not going to see them any more and asks her to trust her on that fact.

He has created so much drama/tension, that the 4 of us has not had sex in the past 3 weeks, but have gotten together to play cards, watch movies and have dinner together. He is also having a performance issue, which I think is related to said drama/tension. We have had two specialists and our family dr advise that it is not a physical problem.

How can I get him to see that all this tension is causing so many problems within the relationship that the 4 of us have found?

Thanks in advance!

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