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Old 01-03-2010, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post

What life values and beliefs do you feel you need to have present and shared in order for your relationships to be successful? And what is your personal definition of a "successful relationship"?

(quoting this part here as I'm seeing it as being the 'big question' te respond to)

for me, they would be the same regardless if your a perspective love or friend or somewhere in the middle

no lies - this to me is crucial and i define this as being no big/important info type of lies, big stuff being things that do effect the other person in the relationship, little whie lies being said to spare someone's feelings cause it simply doesn't matter what you say (like yes i love your dress even when you think it really looks hideous) is NOT the same thing to me

being GLBT friendly or non homophobic or however one chooses to phrase it, if you have an issue with folks being gay/queer/gender disphoric/confused/bi/trans or some variation there of we would not get along in any respect

being mean or abusive outside of set agreed upon ruled times or places like "playing" or "sceneing" during sex

when its pointed out someone has an issue with certain things like say men drinking whiskey in their presence, either an effort is made to not drink in front of said person or baby steps are taken to prove to said person that this individual is not an agry/abusive/scary drunk

both individuals agree to be willign to try to compromise on any other issues they may not see eye to eye on, or at the very least will refrain from aggressively picking on each other about said disagreeing

having some level of attraction, perhaps its just me, but i really have a hard time being a true friend or more with someone i'm not the slightest bit attracted to

to me the definition of a successful relationship would be one where those involved truly care for one another and encourage them and respect one another and are the best friend or lover to each other that they can be
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relationships, shared values

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