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Old 01-18-2013, 11:01 PM
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Default meeting with fwb, need some advice

Hi, I'm new here!

So quick background: I live with my partner,G, our 20 month old, and his two elementary school aged children from a previous relationship. I am also five months pregnant. We have been together 3 years, always open.

This summer we made a friend, H, through a mutual friend of mine. I hooked up with H a couple drunken late night times in the early fall right before I got pregnant, once with another person she was seeing.

Three weeks ago H and G started going out together and having sex. There have been all kinds of issues between me and G over this, him not using condoms, staying out very late when he said he wouldn't, turning his phone off or ignoring my texts, lying about who he is meeting, being angry with me for being upset when he gets home from her place after these aforementioned behaviors, etc. We have talked about it and will talk more about ground rules and both of our needs.

H and I were friends before this, saw eachother several times a week. Ever since she and G started having sex we haven't been hanging out at all. I set up a meet with her tonight and she thinks all three of us should talk. I feel uncomfortable with doing that first, like we should talk, just me and H first. Is it because I feel THEY will be having the talk with ME? Is it because this conversation is really about my feelings? Is it that I want to feel safe to cry and I would rather G not be there? Is this a girl talk? Why do I resent that she wants G there? Help me out here polyfolk!
Obviously I've omitted many details for (relative) brevity I can fill in blanks, just ask.

27, F, Bisexual
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