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Old 01-14-2013, 03:23 AM
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Default Need a little help!

Sooo...a bit sad to be asking advice of this nature at 34 years of age, but what the hell...not exactly an old pro at this. Besides, hubby and I have been together over 15 years now so a bit out of practice!

Anyhow, here's the deal. I'm bi and we've grown interested in a Triad over the years. Used to be just sex, but we want more. The two relationships we've had were both started with all parties knowing that was the intent. But now...I have a crush. A big crush. She's so cute! Lol

We actually ran in to her at a friend's Bday party. Oddly enough, this mutual friend tried to hook up with us about five years ago. Lol Anyhow, the crush and I hit it off and hubby has interest as well. We've been hanging out a fair amount the last month or so and get along really well. So, at least, great friend potential. The thing is, there seems to be some serious sexual tension amongst the three of us!

Anyhow, recall how I mentioned our mutual friend wanting to hook up with us years ago? Well, the night of the Bday she jokingly mentioned it in front of the crush so there's a chance she's aware.

So just curious how people have approached a situation like this to let her know? Generally, we're very forward so it's odd. There is a chance for a good friendship here and I would like to mitigate the risk of losing that. So...any input is appreciated!
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