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Old 01-13-2013, 12:36 PM
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Default My story - How it all began

I met my amazing husband a few days after I turned 18, I was dating a girl (i'm bi) she was my best friend, and i had recently left a terrible relationship, at first we were casually dating and "messing around" but I quickly fell hard, He introduced me to a few of his friends whom I started keeping in touch with over various chat programs, a few months into dating I confided in his friend that I had fallen in love with him and he forced us to take a few days apart and decide where we wanted to be. My girlfriend was more then willing to share me as long as I was happy. He was also ok with me continuing my relationship with my girlfriend (lets face it, many men would be wouldn't they? )

We decided we wanted to be a couple and we quickly settled into that routine, when we had been together just 15 months we were welcomed by our first daughter, my girlfriend had her own relationship with a friend of mine and they had a son together

My girlfriend moved away when he got an amazing job opportunity and our relationship ended, we still to this day remain best friends

we moved in together shortly after daughter #1 and she was followed by another 4 years later.

when I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter I started keeping in touch with a woman who was pregnant as well, we became fast friends and often spent time together. She found out I was bi and confided in me that she had feelings for me. We continued to be friends and didn't pursue anything then

we started partying together her and I, going out to clubs (hubby worked in a club, and was older so he didn't enjoy clubbing as much anymore) and she introduced me to a friend of hers, who seemed to take a liking to me did some kinda shady game to get my # (He called himself from my phone after asking to "See it" (it was the first ever iphone 3)) and he started texting me, alot, Hubby started going nuts, accusing me of cheating on him, and all sorts of nutty things, I maintained my innocence and a week or 2 later a received a message on facebook from someone not on my contact list asking if I was in a relationship with the male (hubby) in my display photo, I simply replied with "Yes" and they said "Well, you should ask him about him and my friend at the sonic halloween party at X" (sonic was a radio station) I said "Oh and why is that?" and they said "He made out with my friend near the cooler she got his # and is supposed to text him"

I printed the conversation and went .... well .... Ballistic on Hubby, he swore he didn't do it and even told me to ask J (J was his boss, and personal friend of ours) I then stated that I wouldn't care as long as he was open and honest with me about it.

And so it began

He asked what I meant, I said "I wouldn't care if you slept with half the city as long as you did it protected and you didn't lie about it" ...That is clearly a little extreme lol

he asked where we went from there, I asked if he was interested in trying an
"Open relationship" He asked what it entailed, I said we could both do what we wanted within a set of rules, 1) Open and honest 2) supply your own protection 3) Come home the same night 4) shower before getting into bed 5) No ex's or co-workers, ect we both agreed to the terms and conditions and it was done

Oh and I asked J he said hubby wouldn't have had time to sneeze that night let alone do anything like that... I fully believe him

In December of that year D met C, through me, in Feb 2007 D folded a 5$ bill into an origami tshirt for a server at a restaurant, and she happened to still have it, I asked about it and she told me about the guy who gave it to her, and she described him perfectly, I gave her his # and they began communicating frequently, he asked her to be his girlfriend a few months later (with my permission of course) they are currently doing a long distance thing consisting of phone calls, photos and text messages

remember that friend I mentioned about that confided she had feelings, we dated for awhile after my open relationship started it didn't work out, but we remain great friends

We welcomed another baby girl in Feb 2010 and got officially married in July 2010

this past March D met another girl, and started spending some time with her, we had a 4th daughter in May and she found out about me when he wasn't at work the weekend after (I knew about her) she asked if he was just "looking to get laid" or if he would be "interested in seeing where it could go" he said he would be happy to see where it went and they started seeing each other, her and I met and became friends, she stated that she would like to see both of us but changed her mind about me, she just wanted then to be my "sister wife" and move in with us ect, I wasn't sure how i felt about that and told D to take it from there, he was also pretty put off with her games (more then just the mind changing, she told him she was on birth control and he didn't need to worry about rubber, when she was never infact on any birth control, she would play us against her friends telling her friends we hated them and telling us the same thing until our paths crossed and we realized that none of it was true, she is very highschool) and the have since broken up but the drama remains constant

she has decided to tell people that D was leaving me for her and I am blackmailing him with not seeing our daughters, which is in no way fact, him and I have never been happier, she just couldn't handle the sharing and is in love with him. we have cut off contact with her as best we can

many of our family members (my parents and siblings, D's sister, (his parents have passed on) ) and close friends, people from our work know of our relationship status, but many extended family and people we don't see regularly don't know, we don't display affection towards others infront of our children (That may change later when C moves back as the plan is for her to move in with us)

I haven't myself had any relationships with other men, because well quite simply I am too tired half the time to keep up with my husband and I haven't found anyone who is worthy of that title, I do have "flirtationships" with a few people but haven't done anything more then talk some talk and exchange a few photos

Well thats it, that brings us current I know that was super long and I thank you if you made it all the way through
Kay (30)
Wife to D (36)
Girlfriend to J (27)
Open for 5 years Sharing my D with C almost the whole time <3
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