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Old 01-11-2013, 07:26 AM
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Default Dealing with lust and crushes

Hi everyone, hope all is well. I thought others might be able to benefit from a discussion about this topic I've had on my mind for a while.

Crushes and lust.

I have a bf and a Gf, I am the hinge in the v, and none of us date anyone else. He is allowed freedom to flirt, kiss, fuck, casually date anyone he wants (it has never gone very far because he hasn't sought it out but the option is there for him.) She can also flirt and kiss anyone and we have had sex with other women together. She claims she doesn't desire more on her own.

Here's where it gets tricky, I do! It's not like I'm suffocating and dying without the relationship being opened up more, hence why I said LUST. But I love people and flirting and connecting with people through physical/sensual interaction.

I have a pretty big sexual crush on this guy right now that has been up and down for the past yr or so. Things got tense when he went in for an attempted kiss once a few months back. Nothing happened, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I want that kiss for real lol. I told my bf and he wasnt pleased. My Gf has a small crush as well though.

Any way my point is, how do you deal with these intense feelings of lust and desire that you just cannot act on?
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