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Old 01-09-2013, 12:08 AM
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Default Do Non-monogamous and Monogamous Relationships End Differently?

I read this line in a posting and thought it might make for an interesting topic:

"All relationships come with a clock attached. Even "til death do us part" is an ending." - GalaGirl

So apart from death, when relationships end, are there any differences in how they end, and the aftermath, between monogamous relationships and polyamorous ones?

Do people who self-describe as Poly tend to stay friends with their exes more so then others? Is there more or less turmoil involved? Or is it completely unrelated to one's persuasion?

Quick story that makes me think about this is when I went through my divorce. Not long afterwards I met someone new and we began to date, but in a Sheldon-like way, I wasn't sure of the protocol regarding a relationship with my ex. So I did what most geeks do in such situations, I consulted my female friends. Most let me know that it was going to make most women insecure if I kept any kind of contact with me ex, and that I shouldn't seek any kind of contact with her, so I didn't. I didn't really understand why this tradition existed, but believed my friends knew better, and I was much more into conforming with tradition when I was younger.

Now I wonder, are there any broad differences in attitude about breakups? Would I have received different feedback from a poly forum verses other groups?
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