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Old 01-05-2013, 02:10 AM
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Default Our introduction - looking for knowledge

Hello! So here's our intro....

We are a very happily married couple of more than ten years. Prior to meeting my amazing wife, I was briefly in a poly-triad. It ended for a few reasons, none drama bearing, and it was all mature and handled well. At the time, I did quite a bit of reading with the then-available (read; alt newsgroups) resources, and felt I did an ok job educating myself. But, it's been a long time. My wife and I have always been 100000% honest and _truly_ open with each other about everything, so she of course knew full well about the poly triad I had been in. She didn't like it, and maintained that the lady in question was breaking her vows with her husband, despite all three of us being completely honest and on the same page with everything. In no sense was I trying to convince my wife to get into polyamory; just educate her about my past.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago now; we got into swinging. It's been a very enjoyable time for us. I can fill in more details about how we crossed over that bridge if people are curious; trying to keep this not so wordy

We've always felt it would be a good thing for us to have a (male) long term play partner for my wonderful wife. This seems like an ideal situation for us. We've tried for a long time now to find such a swing partner, with some minor successes but not achieving our goal. A bit frustrating.

Fast forwarding again...and without going into details, we find ourselves considering the possibility of a poly relationship with a man whom my wife has begun having feelings for. He is comfortable with the idea of poly. There's much to learn and discuss yet, and we're approaching it as mature, caring adults.

We've hit a bit of a bump in the road though (externally sourced). When we got into swinging we talked for months about it, educated ourselves, and only after we felt we'd comfortably answered everything we could think of did we dip our toes in the pool. We're both very glad we did. But, in this case we've kind of gone about it backwards. Hitting the bump in the road made us realize that we hadn't spent a lot of time in discussion, researching, questioning, etc. So, here we are...
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