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Old 01-02-2013, 04:51 AM
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Hi guys!! Been a while since i checked in. Lots of ups and downs since then. Mostly regarding the amount of time...or lack there of...that we spend alone. Most recently, with Christmas, they spent 3 ENTIRE days ahopping together...having lunch together...etc. I got my pantirs in a bunch about it cuz he hates shopping...and we haven't been out to eat together in 6 months. And then she just would not ever go home in the evening to let us be together. We had a total of 4 hours together in a week. We didnt even sleep in the same bed becuz we both got the flu at different times. I finally had enough and said something. But i just finally exploded. My bad. So we get over my paranoia and we are sitting on the couch talking after she leaves tonite...and he tells me that she tells him every day "i love you". I was kind of shocked. I know she admitted it finally...but i never dreamed that ahe actually says it every day. He has not said it to her as he is not in love with her. I guess im just shell shocked and not quite sure how i feel. How have others dealt with this in the past? Was it shocking...expected and planned for...etc. Other's experiences would be great. Im not sure if this changes anything for me...i just wanna know how you have felt when you found this out about your spouse and their "other". Thank you all!! And happy new year!!! Hope its a great one for all!!
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