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Old 12-30-2012, 07:24 PM
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Default "The Code"

In another thread (linked below), I began to share some ideas and observations I have about what I'm calling "The Code," which is our cultural "default setting" regarding beliefs and norms about love, sex and relationships.

I listed among other items (and there are many, many more than I listed) the Code belief that "true love" must be exclusive (which means non-exclusive isn't the real deal). This item in The Code is, of course, of special interest to those with an interest in polyamory (folks in this forum). And we won't have much difficulty deriving related premises from this initial one (also of interest), such as the notion that if one is exploring a second love interest while with one's initial partner/spouse, one is "hurting" or "harming" the partner/spouse -- as in, "How could you do that to [partner/spouse's name]?!"

This thread is for the purpose of discovering and discussing the various components of "The Code". Feel free to offer items which you think are encoded in the set of cultural norms and attitudes which are rather automaticaly accepted by the culture. (Of course, there are people from around the world here, so "the culture" means "where you live".)

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