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Old 12-30-2012, 01:30 AM
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Default Happy MFM journey!!

Well things have gone crazy over the holidays,anyway anyone can look at my threads from my profile still learning how to use all the controls.

Anyway I met my husband when I was fifteen and I am 21 going on 22 in a few weeks. I was a crazy teen and had alot of fun at an anime convention where I was going to beg an ex boyfriend to take me back. Same song and story of high school drama any way at the convention my ex was hanging out with my now husband Chris, he caught my eye so when my ex was a no go I started to flirt with Chris.

Later that evening we met up at the saturday night rave, lots of fun an music and rush of being young. After that weekend we had exchanged myspace info and phone numbers. We kept in contact as good friends although when ever I wanted to see him or needed a good friend he was always there. We built a strong relationship and after I divorced my first husband and my son and I were starting to forum a life he moved in with me. We dated and he took on the role as my sons father.

Before he move down I traveled to where he lived and dated, movies and dinner but I have to be honest we started off as just fu** buddies. It moved to feelings, and attachment quickly, we realized being best friend and then moving foreword was the right way.

Going up there I met his best friend , a rude , stuck up , jack ass red neck named Drew or Andrew. I couldn't meet eye to eye with him and we never sat down to talk but I will say he was and always has been very good looking man. So we always fought for Chris's attention and his time, but when he moved down Drew kinda fell back burner.

This last year has been a roller coaster I found out in Jan. that I was expecting once again and I have to say I was rather upset, I had been planing my wedding for a little over six months and wanted to get married with out being pregnant this time. I soon accepted that I was and was scared to say the least, then on top of it all my soon to be husband told me his best friend was moving in so yay stress, wedding, someone I disliked , and being pregnant!

A week later I went to the bus station and picked up drew and our life started, it was fun an is fun.

More tomorrow or another day... tired tonight
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